Random Jokes

One day at a busy airport, the passengers on a commercial airliner are seated, waiting for the cockpit crew to show up so they can get underway. The pilot and copilot finally appear in the rear of the plane, and begin walking up to the cockpit through the center aisle. Both appear to be blind. The pilot is using a white cane, bumping into passengers right and left as he stumbles down the aisle, and the copilot is using a guide dog. Both have their eyes covered with huge sunglasses. At first the passengers do not react; thinking that it must be some sort of practical joke. However, after a few minutes the engines start revving and the airplane starts moving down the runway. The passengers look at each other with some uneasiness, whispering among themselves and looking desperately to the stewardesses for reassurance. Then the airplane starts accelerating rapidly and people begin panicking. Some passengers are praying, and as the plane gets closer and closer to the end of the runway, the voices are becoming more and more hysterical. Finally, when the airplane has less than 20 feet of runway left, there is a sudden change in the pitch of the shouts as everyone screams at once, and at the very last moment the airplane lifts off and is airborne. Up in the cockpit, the copilot breathes a sigh of relief and turns to the pilot: "You know, one of these days the passengers aren't going to scream, and we're gonna get killed!
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About The Ghana Leaks

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We believe this will help promote transparency and fight the nexus of crime, and political corruption in Ghana. We believe that this initiative will allow Ghanaians to shine light on notable and newsworthy government and corporate activities which might otherwise go unreported.

We are deeply convinced that we're not alone in this battle. There are plenty of people out there that want to change Ghana for good and are ready to take on the challenge. We're offering them a hand.


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From human rights to poverty to official corruption, Ghanaleaks will fairly evaluate and pursue all leads and content submitted, without geographical, political, cultural, or religious bias.


All submitted content is subjected to a rigorous vetting and authentication process that encompasses respect for individual privacy, contextualization, and fierce adherence to our tradecraft commitment of "journalism of depth." Ghanaleaks has also gone to great lengths to protect the identities of our sources. Files will be uploaded and stored on our secure servers, and accessed only by journalists working for Ghanaleaks.


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